Thursday, September 21, 2006


Kinda sad right now...the "prodigal" son has left. My hunnie drove him back Wednesday evening down south..he said he needed to get back and get his car back on the road. He has always been one to NEVER sit still for long...he always has to be on the go. I expected my hunnie back last night by dinner time but I had not heard from him. WELL--as our luck would have it his blazer...broke down. Something about gas lines ripped/broken and something else...if it is NOT one thing it is definitely ANOTHER.
So I hoping they get it fixed Friday so my hunnie can come home. I miss is weird because you would think that we are together all the time now but I do miss his jolly self...LOL
Now here is a pic of my son I did in pencil you know what I do in my spare time..playing with images and manipulating them and creating stuff...that is definitely my cup of tea.
If you have not heard yet...the VIVI awards are taking place again in J-land.
You can go to that journal...and leave the url of journals you think would fit into one of the many categories set up. Check it out for yourself...if you have no idea who to can mention my journal...LOL...(shameless plug).
Honestly--no other news going on here..I hope everyone has an AWESOME weekend. I am just waiting for the weather to cool down and I will be happy.
I Wish You All Enough!!!


my78novata said...

lovely pencil pics. Hpe your hubby gets home soon. I know that is hard we sure do get attached lol cant really live without them ya know

onestrangecat said...

Hope you were able to get the car fixed.
Love the pencil drawing thing of your son!!


wfhbear said...

That picture is really something. I'm impressed!!! My Regards, Bill.