Friday, October 22, 2004


Today was a bit of a stressful one for me...maybe stressful is not the exact word I am looking for but has made me stop and realize alot of things. Today my hunnie took my daughter to register in our local High School. I was homeschooling her but apparently the home school department must be falling apart in our county. The news is that dozens (yes dozens) of kids are enrolling this past week in our high school. They were all homeschooled but that department has lost all our one there can give a straight answer, and instead of answering your questions or helping you out...they want to blame their incompetencies on the if it was just a parent or two...that might be the case...but when the high school registrar tells you that she has registered over 50 kids just this past week from homeschooling then I think the problem is on that department. The registrar said that those numbers were just this past week....she said it has been constantly high numbers since the beginning of september.

Anyway..... my daughter is THRILLED about returning back to high school. She cannot wait to see those friends that you only see at school....but she also wanted to try out for herself what high school life is like. I do not blame her. She has matured by leaps and bounds while she was homeschooled and her mind is sharp and very inquisitive, so I know she will do well and take advantage of anything and everything they have to offer. Of course she had to tell me that the school offers their own T-shirts with the mascot and motto of the school on I can see that money is something she will be begging for. Their mascot by the way is a wolf. TOO CUTE!! She is all gun-ho about going to football games and dances and such.... which leads me to the point of my baby is growing up and I do not like it at all. I know she turned 15 and that was easy for me to handle because she was home- but now she is going to High School and facing a whole new world. I am definitely NOT ready to let her grow up but I will have to take things one day at a time. I know I must sound selfish...but she is my heart walking outside my body...and I do not want anything happening to her.

Okay...... thanks for reading my babble..I guess I need to find more hobbies to keep my mind busy...LOL.

I wish you all a WONDERFUL weekend------PEACE~

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onestrangecat said...

Sad what is happening with the home schooling thing.  But good that your daughter is looking forward to going to a regular high school.