Sunday, October 3, 2004


Absolutely nothing going on this weekend at the old homestead...which I guess is good news. For some reason the feeling of being sleepy has hit me hard and I have no idea why. It seems like I cannot get enough sleep to save my life. I am asleep more then I am awake, which is worrying me but I am hoping this passes. The weather is still way to hot for me in the sunshine state. But at least we are not fighting off any hurricanes? I don't even watch the weather reports at this point because I do not want to know anymore if any are coming.

Hunnie has off for the next week......he builds up so much time at his job that he is forced to take time off because they only allow so many hours on the books. So this week we are going to see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into. I am slowly sneaking in a hunnie-do list but he is catching on quickly. FINALLY--today the county came around and collected all the debris from the now looks like the street has been cleaned up all pretty and new. So hunnie was outside trying to get the rest of our tree that was split in half ready for them to take. I am glad they took the stuff because in a humid climate such as ours...snakes and such LOVE to live in branch debris and all.

I am still trying to recover from the fact that it is october already. I have no idea where the time has gone.... I am not even ready to get christmas lists and all going...I just cannot get into the mind set for it. This week hopefully we will find a pumpkin and my daughter can carve it this year and does not have to share that with her brothers...and roasted pumpkin seeds...I can smell it now!!

Well I am off to watch more football....can never get enough of that....Have a terrific sunday everyone!   PEACE!!!!!


readmereadyou said...

Accccccck! You said snakes. I'd be terrified. I'd be standing on your kitchen table if I knew there was even a slight possibility of a snake being around. I'm such a wimp. LOL

derasta said...

Usually when i'm starting to come down with a cold i'll start sleeping more...and it seems like everyone is getting sick lately.

sonensmilinmon said...

That was one thing about Florida I could live without, the SNAKES!  I remember my mom haveing to kill a water mocassin (sp?)

Enjoy your time with your hunnie.