Thursday, October 21, 2004


FINALLY..... I have returned.... I am a bit upset because of all the garbage that has been going on with my dsl and phone and electric. First I want to say that Florida really was not prepared as it should have been for the hurricanes. Yes I am still talking about them because there are still problems going on about them.

Apparently ever since the hurricanes hit and the electric company got our electric running after 8 days of being off...we have been on and off with the power issue. We lose our power or it fades until it is almost gone at least 4-5 times a day...they are STILL working on the lines. They apparently just "rigged" everything to get people going but now you cannot depend on the power. I would not mind so much if it did not make my puter sound like it is going to blow a gasket and if our water and bathrooms were not dependent on the electric.. but it really is putting a toll on our puters and such.

NOW - the phone company did the same thing after the get everyone going they "rigged" the system to get everyone hooked back up. But At the beginning of this phone was disconnected because they decided to fix the lines but the problem was they could not get people back up and running. So for over two weeks...we have had NO PHONES and NO PUTERS.

AOL decided that the electric company disconnected the lines so the DSL lines went down also... we HAD aol dsl. NOW aol has a policy that if your dsl line is disconnected they will not allow you to use their dsl anymore because they no longer offer that service since february. They stated that ALL aol members were sent emails explaining this... I MUST HAVE MISSED THAT MEMO...sheesh!!!! So it took my phone company TWO WEEKS to send me their dsl...which by the way is more expensive...and after TWO days of fighting with them about us having a router and we wanted to directly link to aol and not through internet explorer..WOW what a battle that was. Thank God for my hunnie because he takes no garbage at all and can be a real pain when he thinks he is getting screwed or getting the run around.

SO finally the issue has been resolved and I AM BACK!!!. I have really missed being online....I am so homebound as it is that my puter is my outside communication and connection. I know that must sound so trivial to some and such a waste for others but I am so thankful that I do have my puter. My health does not always allow me to do what I want and be who I am. So the puter makes up for some things missing in my life.

I also have missed reading everyone's journals and keeping up with you all..... I have so much catching up to do...I will probably be online for a few days straight.....(just kidding).

NOW...things on the homefront are ok. Yes the guest is still here and things are very much on edge but I will leave that garbage for another time. Tomorrow my daughter is going to register back into regular public high school. The home education department here in this county just plain STINKS...I have had 5 different counselors assigned to Crystalyn's file with home education and each one has lost any and all material that has been submitted and I just cannot keep up with that stuff anymore. Also my daughter said she would give it a try and see how things go...she is excited because her brothers graduated from she wants to try out that world for herself.

My hunnie has been off from work for two weeks now...the first week he got hurt on the job...he feel coming off a sidewalk and the doctors thought he broke his they wanted him off of his foot for a week to see what is up after the swelling went down...his ankle is ok....VERY SORE but he is doing better now that he does not need the crutches to walk. Well this week was his vacation week. So he has been working on his cars and such and even went down south to collect some car parts he had in his mother's old he feels like he has done alot. LOL

Well I think I have caught you all up on the lil things and major news...thanks for reading and listening...I will be back...PEACE!!!


readmereadyou said...

Happy all of your problems down there are basically solved. It is hard. I'm home a lot too and the computer is a nice outlet on nights like this when I can't sleep.
: ) Hope your hubby feels better soon.


barebytes said...

Glad to see you are back up and running. I hope that's the end of all your problems. Hugs Lanny