Saturday, October 30, 2004


WELL...that crazy week is now over!!! Did a ton of phone calls and faxing and waiting on calls all for nothing. Never got my daughter registered. The final solution is: My hunnie is going to bring her to the high school on monday morning and they can fax the paperwork to home ed and then speak to the supervisor there and get this mess of their puters all worked out and then my kid can sign up for classes. I really thought all this would be settled already but see what thought did on my part.

I am happy that the weekend is here because now I can watch some serious football and take my mind off of other things. My poor GATORS team may not last another loss but hopefully the whole mess with coaches getting fired and who is coming back will be settled soon!!!

My hunnie had to go back to work last night (boohoo). It has been great having him home--but alas that workforce was calling his name and those prisoners are definitely not going to watch themselves.
I cannot believe it is already the end of October and Halloween is here. We really do not celebrate it in our home..just never hit it well with the holiday but I love the look of carved pumpkins..LOL. We really do not have kids going door to door..the mall here provides safe, indoors trick or treating with contests and such so that it is easier for families and such. The year is really flying by and seems to be going faster for some reason.

I am off to watch some great football and yell at the T.V set. Have an AWESOME saturday!!!



barebytes said...

Enjoy your football games and relax, kick your feet up. Bring out the snacks and you'll be all set. Hugs Lanny

bernmilo said...

wow i lost ya glad you popped in and left me your link...looks like i have lots of reading to yikes....thanks for stopping by!

sonensmilinmon said...

FOOTBALL!! With this weather, I can't think of anything better to watch.  Well, actually, i can but .... that's off the subject.  Enjoy the games!