Thursday, October 28, 2004


I just love maxine...don't you...she speaks her mind and does not hold back...she is my inspiration...LOL. Well we are still going through red tape to get my daughter registered in high school....those people in home schooling are just "screwing" around and I am starting to get extremely upset.
Now before I go on...I first want to say that the weather has been quite decent here...still in the mid to high 80's but no rain no that is a relief.
Also I would like to apologize...I seem to always be complaining...I do not mean to...but I would much rather complain here and get it off my mind then complain to those around me and make life is so unlike me...but it seems to be a phase I am going through...LOL.
Now onto my complaint of today...I usually do not talk about politics because everyone is entitled to their own opinions but at this point in the political game...I think that the majority of people have decided who they are going to vote for. Well all of a sudden ... our mailbox is JAMMED packed filled with political flyers and such. Kerry's read about how terrible Bush is and Bush's reads about his stand on things...I find that interesting. However, I am tired of the junk mail...for me it is junk mail. Yesterday we had over 18 pieces of mail just on those two...that does not include any local candidates. Also to be totally honest...It is almost for certain that the state of florida will lean towards Bush...people will always remember his kindness during the hurricanes and his brother is our governor--so we are reminded everyday. Also Bush has visited our fair state so much he should take up residency.

Okay enough about politics...I gave myself a headache over that. Today again we will tackle the home school department and hopefully get my baby into high school. This whole thing is only making her worry more. Geez!!!

Also have I mentioned lately that the guest who has been living with us has been gone for a week.... I told her that my daughter cannot get my nephew going for school because she herself will be going ... and now she is living off of someone else and making her life their problem. I am just waiting for her to get her junk out. If she does not show up soon--my hunnie is fixing to throw her things outside...he is so tired ofher garbage and lack of respect and just common decency.

Well I think that soap box is done and over with so I will be off to do something different ... like some hook rug stuffies. Did I ever mention that I hook rug. It is really calming for me and keeps my head busy. I am starting a project for my daughter. It is a wall hanging of a teddy of the lil things she collects. So it will go perfect with her room.

You all have a GRAND day..... PEACE!!!!


barebytes said...

Imagine all the money that they spent on those fliers going to help our honeless and hungry? What a blessing that would be. All the millions of dollars they spend being poured into aide for the needy. What better a campaign then to give something to the people other than promises. Have a great day yourself and hugs, LAnny

sonensmilinmon said...

I haven't looked at one of those political fliers in the mail, they have ALL gone direct to the fireplace.  I'm so sick and tired of the mudslinging.  Let's get it over with already!  

I hope things get worked for you daughter STAT!

As for complaining and gripping, this is YOUR journal and this is the place to write YOUR thoughts.  SO, with that said, GO TO TOWN and get it out!  I'll listen to it all. :-)


sharkie412 said...

Oh that rug sounds wonderful :) Glad to hear that your "guest" has left to be someone else's terror. Theres always one of those in the family. :P
I enjoyed reading your J and will be back for more :)