Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This is going to be a fairly quick entry I think...just wanted to share some easter news with everyone.

Last saturday...Allen, our daughter and I were just hanging out in the puter room. Just pondering about grocery shopping and things we needed. We were also watching drag racing marathon on espn...we like races...as you all probably already know we live next to a racing track. Through out the day I was thinking how my boys loved to race at the track. Well all of a sudden we heard a knock at the front door...(to be honest-it makes me crazy to have people just drop by...nothing in this neighbor is normal...and of course being agoraphobic...people make me nuts). Well for almost a minute...Allen and I heard nothing and of course I get nervous!!! All of a sudden...this bellowing voice comes through the door and who should appear but my son Eric...OMG OMG OMG...all I could do was scream and jump up and hug him to no end. Then of course I cried because I just did not understand why he was here...when the day before I was talking to him online...he was in the barracks in Arizona. Well Allen's Aunt is dying of cancer and we have known that for a while....HOWEVER she has refused any further treatment so the cancer is spreading EXTREMELY quickly and the doctors only give her weeks...maybe a month or two...but that is pushing it...well of course the red cross informs my son and my son decides he wants to take emergency family leave and see her while she is alive and not at her funeral (he does not deal with death very well)...but truly he told us he was EXTREMELY homesick and just wanted to be around family. What a REAL blessing! It made easter wonderful.

Late sunday night Eric and his dad left for down south to see his aunt and pick up the rest of Eric's belongings that he has down there...they had a lot of errands to run down there and Eric has a mustang car down there that he is letting his uncle use that needs a bit of tweaking that he is going to fix...As of this moment they are on their way home...Eric has said his good byes to everyone down there...he will be here until Saturday when he has to fly back to Arizona. He is also thinkingof changing his MOS...(his job) because the interrogation field is taking forever to start...there is always an excuse to start another group...too much army red tape...and Eric just wants to get going with his army life...he is thinking of mechanics but driver...it has an official name but I have no idea what that is right now. Well...just wanted to share our good news and surprise visit...more details to come.

HUG someone you LOVE


drb1064 said...

it must have been lovely to see your son, glad you had a good easter.
Debbie xxx

emabecmar said...

now that was a nice easter surprise for sure. what a loving thing for your son to do.

my78novata said...

what a wonderful wonderful surprise best you could have asked for

ukgal36 said...

lovely easter surprise!! Enjoy!!

lisita15 said...

That's a wonderful surprise!!! How exciting for you!!! enjoy... lisa

dcmeyer420 said...

What a great Easter surprise! I can relate to that. It is always great when my daughter comes home for a while. Hugs to you and your family.

redroastedpepper said...

awesome Ellie! I had a great time reading everything! Keep up the good work! U gotta show me how to put those proshow gold picture shows on the aol journals! i'm so outta touch lately! technology has surpassed me! thanks 4 sharing!~Ang aka redroastedpepper