Thursday, April 19, 2007


The news about the horrific tragedy at Virginia Tech has been dominating the just breaks my heart to hear about all those beautiful people. I cannot even begin to understand what the families, friends, students or faculty must be going through...I remember being in college and the big thing was if you were a female - do not walk late at night by yourself...always walk in pairs....NEVER in a million years would anyone thought that this kind of insanity could take place...May God keep them all so close to his heart....

Below are some VT graphics that have been shared with me and I wanted to pass them along in case anyone wanted to use them in their journals/blogs/web pages or emails...

Feel free to snag away....just make sure you save them to your hard drive!!!!
HUG SOMEONE YOU LOVE...the world is just too crazy!!!


This one was personalized for me....We will always remember VT!!!



drb1064 said...

Words fail me over this event, I just can't understand it. The tags are very lovely it is just sad that they had to be made.
Debbie xxx

my78novata said...

lvoe that last one

dcmeyer420 said...

Amen! I am personally touched by this because my daughter is going away to a big college in a big city. I can't let my fear stop her from doing what she wants but I worry about something like this happening at her campus.
Hugs to you and your family.