Sunday, April 29, 2007


OKAY......I have toooooo much time on my hands....actually I am in one of those weird creative moods I get once in a while....all weekend...Crystalyn and I have been doing crafts...creating jewelry...and I played with some programs on the computer manipulating some I am going to show you here (against my better judgement) because I thought you all needed a
So here we go:

I have morphed myself into Maxine....she is my hero...LOL

Here I morphed my son AJ from his uniform into his fire gear...he loves it!!!

Here I made myself into a cartoon....I like the way this one came out...I did one of my kids too and sent it to them...they love theirs...

Well that is all the entertainment I have for tonight/early morning....Have a great monday and remember to HUG SOMEONE YOU LOVE.......PEACE!!!!


drb1064 said...

Looks like you have had lots of fun playing with these pics. Have a great day.
Debbie xxx

my78novata said...

thats cool how you ddi that what did you use to do that ????

jeadie05 said...

These are lots of fun Jan xx

wfhbear said...

Interesting stuff you can do with graphics and pictures. I have spent some time catching up reading your journal. I do enjoy reading it. Regards, Bill.

emabecmar said...

i love what you did with the pics. you are so talented. I also like Maxine, lol. Sorry it's taken me a bit to comment. I am so behind in my alerts, but I'm using this morning to try to get caught up. I hope your week so far has been a good one. ((((((((hugs)))))))))

tendernoggle said...

Maxine is the BOSS...She rocks!!!
love ya,

coopsbaby said...

Hi, thank you so much for the shoe, it is so neat , your maxine is cute, thanks Deanna