Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I have finally figured out how to share my scrapbook pages here without anyone needing the same program I have for creating them...took me a while but I never
give up. But before I get to that....I got bored recently and created me as an M&M.
Anyone can do it at the
M&M site.
I think the one with the bunny slippers looks like me the most...


Okay....if you make yourself an M&M let me know...I would love to see it!!!
Now below is a page I did of my hunnie and son after they came home from fishing a while back...I think you all have seen the picture before...but this is the digital scrapbook page I made for it for our family album...

okay....well I have been a bit under the weather lately....I think truly I have given myself an ulcer....it is driving me crazy...and then when I get bored from laying back on the recliner I do silly stuff online...I think I am losing my mind...LOL
Also my daughter has decided to add some more grey hair to my head....she has taken an interest in a boy who is 21 years old...GEEEEEEZ!!! Like I already do not have enough to worry about. We are suppose to meet this boy I think this saturday for dinner...he is a security guard for Disney..and loves to play dungeon and dragons...and I have no idea about anything else...Allen is NOT thrilled...but I try to not say NO because I do not want her to do anything behind my back...so getting this boy involved with doing things with us, let's us keep an eye on him...I realize that Crystalyn will be 18 in September but still 21 seems a bit too old but we will see.
Allen went shrimping a couple of nights ago and brought home over 5 pounds of shrimp...last night we cooked them all...ate some and have a tonleft over...I will upload pics of that next time...it just hurts my stomach too much to sit at the puter right now for a long period of time...I think I am falling apart...darn it!!!!

HUG those you LOVE......PEACE!!!


tendernoggle said...

oooooooooooooooh those shrimp sure do sound good! Your daughter at aleast told you about the boy...and you will get to meet him..so I hope all turns out ok....that is not too much of an age diffrence...just wait and check him out ! lol
Hope you feel better tomorrow....
love ya,

drb1064 said...

I was seventeen when I met my Dave who was 21 we have now been married for almost 22yrs and still going strong lol. The shrimp sound good I love fish, pass some over this way lol.
Debbie xxx

my78novata said...

ah love your m andm's i will try to do one in a couple of days if I can freakin remember. love your scrap book pic. YES I TOTALLY hae you on the keep em close!!!!!!!! about the boy. Rachael is 19 dating a guy 23 HARD as it is we have them here every day so we can help guide him nad knowwaht he is about. Its been hard and yes let me tell you the boys do need some help now and then. thier good hearted intentioned boys BUT........... they are so not getting help from thier parents. they seem to be listening and have mad leaps and bounds in learning about the lifestyle of the girls and making changes that they are willing to go with a lifestyle that the girls will be comfortable in. Have had to have a few talks wtih them........ but they always seem to listen. Some days are so hard. Yes Todd like your hunnie just wants to say NO STOP!!!!!! Sure wish we could keep them little.

jeadie05 said...

I love the sound iof that shrimp,maybe when Crystalyn sees this fellow in her family group she will rethink ..love Jan xx