Thursday, May 24, 2007


I hope you all have gotten a chance to check out the "THIS AND THAT FORUM"..slowly but surely people are registering...which is peachy....there is no way at this time to let anyone know of updates to the forum....HOWEVER suffice it to say that every day I go there and keep adding to the, graphics, art projects, craft ideas, and general PLEASE go check out the forum and register...I really would love to see everyone is different and laid back.....

Anyway...yesterday (wed) I received a was my ZEN-MP3 PLAYER...that was really fast service....Here is a picture of it:

It is SO SMALL...but cute and holds ALOT of music, photos and also has a data center for your personal address book and a calendar...and an fm stereo radio...and it records...I am amazed....I have spent the evening going through my music and downloading it to the has GREAT sound quality...such a tiny lil fun toy...LOL

We heard from our son AJ today...who has been stationed at Goodfellow AFB in Texas...he graduated as a full fledged firefighter on the 17th and received his orders yesterday .... he is presently on the road to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.....he is glad because that was one of his choices....from there-we have no idea what will be happening.

I just uploaded this picture from Mother's is the BEST gift I could have ever much LOVE was put into is the picture:

Just BEAUTIFUL.....My hunnie and daughter planned out to go to the store and buy all the stuffies for it...and then my daughter made it and baked was so soft and light and DELICIOUS...that cake did not last too long here...LOL

Well that is it for the news right now.....THANKS for stopping by....and remember to HUG SOMEONE YOU LOVE......PEACE!!!


my78novata said...

ah great moms day huh. cute player how much did you pay for that? I hve an ipod but its only music I have often thought a little picutre player would be nice.
I ll cehck out the new place agian.

my78novata said...

Oh I have got to try that slo wcooker mashed potatoes.

seraphoflove9001 said...

How cool is that!!! They can make things so small now days that can do and hold so many things! :o) Amazing! :o) And Congrats on your son! :o) That cake is so adorable! That was so special of them to do that for you! :o)
Hugs to you! :o)