Wednesday, October 8, 2003


Another day has gone by.... before I get into my lil story... I have slept the last 23 out of 24 hours...I think my body has finally given into being sick and now wants to rest and recover...(thank God) it took my body long enough to really relax...and the sleep felt wonderful. Believe it or not I am in very good spirits.... I have thought long and hard about my health and everything I have gone through.... and I am not done hang in there with me folks and just keep positive thoughts for me..Everything will be alright....My faith is going to carry me through all this. Okay- today's story has to do with my lil nephew...I already explained that he lives with started with a two week vacation to hang out in may and he is still here. Of course under my insistence. He belongs to my ex-sister in law (yes you read that right) but I have never and will never turn down family when they need is just not in me-she needed to get out of a drowning situation and I have a home that she can have also. This lil guy is 5 years old and his name is Anthony...the light of my life...he has taught me to look at life so differently that I owe him the world. He has such an energy and curiosity about life and how things are that it really makes me stop and I have taken some things for granted and he just relishes in it. Five year olds are wonderful. He just started kindergarden---it was rough the first three weeks of school-alot of acting out-alot of refusing to do anything but with alot of consistentcy and understanding all that is behind him and he is the teacher's delight. In the pic he is wearing my motorcycle cap being cool with his uncle as they fix our motorcycle- he believes that whatever the older kids are doing he can do really is a trip to watch (onto part two)....

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