Tuesday, October 7, 2003


For a couple of days now I have been trying to add entries to my journal but something wacky is going on ..... I have never seen such error messages and then tons of plus signs in between words...for about two hours I could not delete an entry because it threw all the entries out of whack for some reason... finally I got it deleted. I wonder what is happening. I wrote this long wonderful explanation about my nephew who lives with me.... but I am going to hold off on that because I do not know what is going to happen when I go to post this entry. I really did miss adding entries - how strange.... I guess I am hooked. Well I finally did see a doctor yesterday about my lungs and all- I have been going to see this doctor for three years now-he is a nice enough person and has never deceived me so I find him safe to go to....Well there was not a lot of good news.... I guess he is setting up some tests because he suspects that there is some sort of obstruction growing in my esophagus (did I spell that right) that is causing even more problems to my lungs...he also suspects that if he finds what he thinks is there- they will be sending it to a lab to see if it is cancerous. Yes the BIG 'C'...of course i cried all the way home and cried more when I got home and cried all night...but right now I am okay. For the last three years I have been fighting everything having to do with my lungs and have become stronger emotionally for it.... I just need to sort my feelings through and then move on with whatever is going to happen. Well..... outside of that news...my dear ol' tampa bay bucs lost last night after leading the entire game until the last 4 minutes.... I just could not watch anymore....broke my heart to see the world champs lose what they had gained... well on with some email..more later-PEACE!!!!!


tp1012 said...

Oh Ellie hang strong! I will Pray for you. Also just so you know I have read complaints from other journals of the same problems.

Tami- Tamis times

dakotarose2852 said...

Ellie, you're in my thoughts and prayers that test results come back negative for you. I experienced the same problems with the plus signs that you have. Plus, instead of wrapping around I ended up with long lines of sentences. Bad thing is, somehow even my previous entries got changed. I'm so upset. My journal is all messed up now. I may end up deleting it and starting over at a later time.