Tuesday, October 21, 2003


Just sitting here.... going through a ton of email. I have lost count how many paint shop pro lists I am on but I am never ever without email. There are days I think I really need to get off of some lists because when I do not get online my mail becomes unbearable. It can even get overwhelming. Then there are days that I love going through email and taking my time and downloading stuff and so on. Geez-I wish I could make up my mind. Now so far this week has started off quiet so that is a good thing. I am glad...I think I have had enough excitement for now. I am working on an official page to introduce everyone to my family...as soon as it is finished I will definitely let all you know. I am also working on a website for my lil guy. He sees that everyone else in the house makes their own or has their own and he wants one that he can share. So I am doing that also. When that is finished I will definitely post it here...I think it is going to be just TOO cute. He is actually helping me with it. He is picking out his pics and what he wants to say. He really floors me with his lil insight into life. I just thought of some news...I know I mentioned how we have way too many cars for one household-my hunnie and sons love to work on engines. Well I kept warning them that the county does not like cars in the front yard-but do you think anyone listened to me-NO...well the county was making its round and sure enough they tagged 7 of our cars..yes I said 7. So hunnie and the boys had 10 days to get rid of 7 cars or make them disappear so that the county does not see them. It has been a mad dash to insanity here. Personally I have sat back and watched...maybe next time they will listen to big mama here..well I am off to do more email..PEACE!!!!!!


sonensmilinmon said...

I can't wait to see what your son puts together. It reminded me of a time when my youngest had to keep a journal during a trip of ours and when I went back to read what he wrote, some of his insight floored me too. He was just a young fella too, I think in 3rd grade. Anyway, I look forward to seeing his page. :)

tp1012 said...

Dont you know men dont listen LOL I would be doing the same as you are, I have sat back and chuckled while my husband has SCRAMMBLED to fix what I said not to do in the first place. Just kick back smile and dont say a word,haha