Monday, October 13, 2003


Another weekend has come and gone...and I totally wasted it away...this cold is really getting a hold of me and all I could do is sleep...but hopefully my body has gotten enough sleep. Things are quiet on the homefront. This weekend, everyone did their own thing-my kids are growing up faster then I realized. It feels like just yesterday I was taking everyone to their designated clubs, friend's houses, parks, whatever the case and today they are driving themselves, telling me they will see me by dinner time. WOW--I seem to have more free time then I know what to do with. I put the bouncies on this entry so that it would add a lil cheering up on a monday morning. I think these lil things are contagious...LOL. The only complaint I have lately is that I am waiting for the weather to cool is so hot and humid still in the good old sunshine state that I am praying for the day that I can wear sweatpants and get all cozy in bed...I guess I do prefer the colder weather-but I just cannot stand snow. I think I already wrote that previously...but cool weather and getting cozy is definitely my kind of weather. I am sure I will write more later...I can tell that I am not making much sense right now... so I will see you all later-PEACE!!!!!!

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tp1012 said...

I LOVE the bouncies!!