Friday, October 10, 2003


I guess it is time for me to fill everyone in on the Love of my Life...his name is Allen. We met at work...I do not suggest this as a regular place to meet but it happened. He apparently had been watching me for a long time because he was attracted to my long long hair... all the curls and such-and slowly but surely our jobs brought us together. Allen is a sargeant in law enforcement with the Department of Corrections. Not a officer-sargeant..apparently there is a difference. I was working in the mental health department as an institutional counselor implementing psychological tests on inmates just coming into the the job atmosphere is quite stressful and keeps you on your toes...well one thing of course led to another and we both knew deep in our hearts that we were soulmates..I really never thought I would believe in such a term but I do. He has brought a whole new meaning to my life of which I will be forever grateful. I know that I know that God has brought us together..we fit together perfectly like puzzle pieces. He has to be so serious and on top of things at work-but on the outside of those gates...he has the most wildest sense of humor I have ever come across. Read on to part two......

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