Saturday, October 25, 2003


I am so BLESSED to have the wonderful children I do....they just picked up where I ended and have taken on cooking, cleaning, and running errands for me.... my hunnie has been with me at every single appointment, the ultimate in supportive and never once complained. I am so very BLESSED... and I know it. Without them I would have never made it this far. So as you can see I have a very full plate in my life. I am not looking for any miracles or any kind of sympathy... I just want to be back to "normal" as much as possible and enjoy the time I have left...whatever that may be. I would love to go shopping and not be in an electric wheelchair... I would even be happy just brushing my hair and not run out of breath... that is how bad it gets. But on the brighter side... I have an awesome family who have adjusted all their lives to make life as wonderful as it is around here. My hunnie changed an extra bedroom we had and made it into a puter room for me so that I could have a nice size T.V., my puter, his puter, my beautiful birds, and my recliner.... and the phone... so that they only reason I would have to leave the room is to go to the bathroom. Everyone comes and hangs out in this little room.... and it is wonderful... the DVD player is in here and my kids will make a ton of popcorn and we have movie nights... just because I could never sit at a movie theatre long enough without coughing my brains out. We have all adjusted... but a great price has been paid. Hopefully with this new doc I will be able to handle things more..we will see... I have left out alot of details of course about my illness... but I think you pretty much get the picture. I wanted to share my story with everyone because when I say Life Is Too Short... I should know... Enjoy every second you have with your children, your family, your friends... and remember to tell them all at least 100 times a day how much you love them.... Thanks for taking the time to read my story...PEACE!!!!!!

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