Sunday, October 19, 2003


I realize I just dropped out of sight-for that I here has gotten abit chaotic for a while. I will try to explain without boring anyone-I have had my nephew since the end of May.... trying to help out his mom...His mom was staying at the apartment that they shared with some other people. Well she has decided it is time to come home. We have done this before- but this time it is overwhelming me...I think there can only be one queen in the house and that is me. Granted I am ill but I am not dead. And it is my house. But when others come in and try to take over and change the way things are done-I start to freak out because I just do not handle change very well. Sound foolish yet? Well now the lil guy is playing everyone against each other because he does not know who to listen to. Not for anything but it has taken us all summer to get him settled and to stop the crying fits and tantrums. But now they are back. She wants to take over my house but also at the same time-my kids and I are still the ones getting him up for school and getting him ready and giving him a bath at night and getting him ready for bed and so on and so forth-I am sure you are getting the point. I have tried to be polite in responding to all this but it does not seem to sink in. Anyway-thus the chaos. Well now I am just playing hermit in my lil puter room and letting all things go crazy. All my kids have been raised to speak their minds and say what is on their minds instead of playing games-so she has already come across that. When I am approach about things they are doing or saying or whatever it may be-my answer is simply- that I do not sweat the small stuff because I know they are good kids and I am not worried about that.... this is not satisfactory to her-OH WELL. I guess I could go on and on but it gives me a headache just thinking about all this garbage...I know this is just the beginning of the adventure-keep your fingers crossed because it is going to be a long ride-lol. I just needed to vent... and now I am off to watch some great football and do my own thing. Happy Sunday All-PEACE!!!!!!


tp1012 said...


For your health this does not sound like a very good situation. Stress is not good to a heatly person let alone a someone suffering from a Illness. Two famlies of any kind never blend well. This cannot be good for the child either. I know you know all this. I care. Please take care of yourself and your children FIRST! With love...

sonensmilinmon said...

Ellie, feel free to vent, we are here for you. :) I KNOW without doubt this has to be a stressful situation and sometimes there is no easy out. Take care of yourself and your children!!! You have plenty out here who care what happens.