Wednesday, October 8, 2003


Okay..where was I...his mom only gave birth to this child but his heart is mine...he really can come out with some wild philosophies that make adults stop in their tracks. The only problem we have now is that Anthony is lighter and smaller then any dog we have at our every day when he arrives home he always winds up at the bottom of a dog pile up... they love him to death-probably because he is just about the same size as him...but he gets so frustrated because as in his words "they think I am their chew toy". What a kick...above are some typical pics of the lil guy. He loves to pose for the camera there is no problem there- and he has the family dance down to a a matter of fact when he comes home with good notes and such we all have to do the family dance...he can wiggle those He loves to get under cars and inside motors like the boys and Uncle Allen and get as dirty and grimmie so that he feels he is helping...he is now at a stag where he has heard friends of the kids call the older kids brothers or is that your sister? and such - so his new revelation is that since he has been living here so long he is also a brother .... and we need to get used to that..all this from a five year old. WOW he really amazes me. Well I think I pretty much summed up Anthony-and of course he will he about him off and on in my journal-he is such a key part to our lives.. PEACE!!!

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tp1012 said...

Another wonderful thing you have done! Anthony will cherish you and the memories youve given him as an adult!