Saturday, October 25, 2003


Now I am the first that successfully sued and won....some settled with far less... and the others are still fighting. My particular fight took over three years. In those three years I went to dozens of specialists, went through dozens and dozens of tests, put my family in deep financial straits, and dealt with the insanity of lawyers. In February of this year...we finally went to the final court-the one that the story is actually told at- and the decision was made instantly in my favor-never done before. That is how much evidence I had against them. It was incredible. They had me followed for 6 months video taping every move I made outside of my house. They would stop my meds for weeks at a time that I would become more ill again, of course they stopped paying my salary from the onset, they played with my mind and my welfare just to get me to give up. I know it may sound like I am paranoid but trust me.... The state knows no bounds. So my final diagnosis is...COPD brought on by BROCS which is the severe form of Sick Building Syndrome. My lungs are destroyed. There is so much scar tissue from being sick on and off all those years working in that office and such... that they have shortened my life span. The doctors do not know how long I could last really.... they said if I am lucky maybe 10 years-I know that sounds like a long time.... but not when you are in your early 40's... I may make it to my daughter's graduation.... there are no guareentees... so now if I survive.... I collect my salary until my retirement age...once I am gone my family will get it... and they have to pay for all of my medical care regarding my lungs. They also have to pay for all the medications and such that I am on... My medications cost approx. $1,300 a month-and that is on the low side... There are still downsides to this... all of my fingernails have fallen off and my legs are covered in sores... the skin on my arms are peeling as if I have had sunburn... and my vision had gotten progressively worse...of which now I have the onset of glaucoma because of the steroids they have kept me on for sooooo long. But with no steroids-no life.... those lil darn pills are keeping me going... but they are destroying me in other ways. (ONTO PART THREE)


sepintx said...

Great you got win in court! You're a fighter and that's good.


dakotarose2852 said...

Wow, Ellie! What a terrible time you have been through. Good for you for not giving up, for fighting for what is right! You are a good, strong person. I wish you well.