Saturday, October 25, 2003


Finally the weekend is here...I am relieved. Friday was quite a stressful day for me sort of speak. Because I am so sick-my lung specialist referred me to a psychiatrist because he feels that I would need someone to talk to and such because the quality of my life has changed, and it is alot to go through. Well friday was the day that I meet the doc. I never thought in a million years I would ever go see a psych doctor. I always thought I was pretty much in control of my life and my emotions and so on and so forth. But when the quality of your life has changed so dramatically and so permanently I guess you have no other alternative-just to keep your head above water. Well the doc was wonderful-funny and made me feel very comfortable so that is a major plus. He talked me through putting me on some medications to help even me out so that I am more able to concentrate on things and deal with every day life. I have no problem with it and it wasn't such a culture shock as I thought it was going to be. I am just so tired of not being the person I used to. I cannot even walk from one room to another without being out of breath and coughing to the point of choking. It really is driving me crazy. I accepted alot of things so far but I never knew all the things in life I would have to give up including some of my independence. I guess I owe everyone an explanation about "this illness" so I am going to attempt to make it short and sweet. (Grab a cup of coffee-because this is a good one--) During my employment with the DOC... I was exposed to black mold over a period of almost 7 years. I could see the stuff coming out of the AC vent in my tiny office yet NO ONE would do anything about it. The biggest thing that was attempted is that the maintenance dept would paint over the black stains that were left on the ceiling from the mold. Is this insane or what? To make a very very long fight with the state short... I had to sue them because they denied that their buildings were "sick". However-just to settle any questions on your mind-there are dozens of employees right now that are suing for the same reasons, are also dying from respiratory diseases, or have died. So this case is not as simple as they tried to come off as. (CONTINUE ON TO PART TWO)

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