Friday, September 26, 2003


WOWOWOW!!!!! What a wonderful surprise to click on the link to the main page for journals to see my face plastered there as the editor's number one choice for today! How awesome is that. I am so very very excited and so very thankful to AOL and the editors that picked me, words seem to escape me at this point. I am also so grateful to all those members that have come and checked out my journal and even left comments. It is wonderful. This was a GREAT surprise of which I will remember for a very long time. I will really wish I knew how the editor's came to their decision...I really did not think I had anything special going here...other than sharing my thoughts and my opinions. I did receive an email about 10 days or so ago that I was being considered for it...but never imagined that I would actually get picked... WOW...I know I will keep up with my seems the majority of people really liked it and liked the things I had to say..which really touches my heart. This really brought up my spirits....If you do check out my journal PLEASE leave a comment with the url for your journal...I think I am going to start sharing links to other journals that also touch my heart or have decent things to is only fair to share and share alike.... so if anyone wants to exchange links-definitely let me know...Well just quickly-the weekend is finally here..again my kids all have plans of their own so I guess that gives me time to work on puter stuff that I have been putting updating my websites and such.... it is suppose to rain all weekend so it is the perfect time to play inside!!! AGAIN thanks aol and you Editors for picking my journal-I am truly honored...PEACE!!!!


maydeeday said...

Congrats sweetie!!! I just started reading your journal today because of the award. It is wonderful!!! It sounds like you live in a madhouse 24/7. Just wanted to say howdy and keep up the god work!!! Come visit my journal anytime. I am almost always home....

maydeeday said...

P.S. it should be:
i forgot to add the backslash to the

xxavierism said...


I took a peak at your journal since it was chosen as an editor's favourite. Congrats! I have a journal at LiveJournal. I'm considering placing my entries every now and then on here. Here is a link to my journal. I look forward to sharing with you. Take care!


coveredinbeez19 said...

Hello! Congrats on your journal being picked #1. Inspired me to start my own! I look forward to reading more form you.
:o) Feathah

missmegz10 said...

Hi Ellie!
Your journal is great! I saw yours and decided to create my own! It's so much fun!
Congratulations on your Editor's Pick! You deserve it! Have an awesome day!

Megan =)

P.S - My profile has a link to my journal!

viviansullinwank said...

Hello Ellie. Congrats on being the #1 pick today. I enjoyed reading your journal. If you'd like to visit mine it is at: