Saturday, September 20, 2003


I have stuck notes in the pockets of their jackets and inside gloves-or in a school book... if I missed too many days in a row,my children would come home quite upset with me and ask where their note was..again just making the best of life so simply and with joy.Two of my boys are 18 and they still want their notes- they have said their notes make them feel special. Isn't that awesome! Then there is the camera-I have taken pics of everything and anything. My kids love this. I take pics of everyday things and they are just as into it as I am.They are always after me to get my camera and come see something because they now want pics taken of whatever it happens to be. Pics are not just for special occasions. Pictures are to show every day life and how much fun and wonderful it is. You would be surprised how much a simple pic can speak volumes to your kids. It is the little things that have made raising kids such a joy. It is very expensive to raise a child now a days. I just could not afford buying new clothes constantly-and with that many kids it was not financially wise...but there are stores like GoodWill. My kids love to go to these places to buy tons of fun t-shirts and shorts and jeans and such...these are clothes they can play in, hang out in, whatever without worrying about how expensive things are. There is no shame in it...and if you have done this from when they were very little it is nothing to them. My kids have gotten some of their friends into it is a contest to see who can find "cool" t-shirts. We also give back to GoodWill by bringing any clothes that do not fit anymore and books that we have all read already. It is just a big form of recycling and your children are better off. I really have a problem with children playing all over the roads no where near their homes. In this day and age, there are too many 'sick' individuals out there waiting to get a child (that is reality) so my belief is that if you want to play with your friends, bring them on over.They are being supervised by my hunnie and me and everyone is safe and I know what they are doing.A 'creative' house because there are kids in and out all day long. Playing video games, listening to music, watching movies, playing on the puter, riding go-karts...etc. Well I guess you can see where my philosophy is leading....right now I have to go wait for the plumbers and open the gates for them. PEACE!!!!

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dazeychic said...

You sound like a great Mom! But hey- I sure hope that you and your "Hunny" have fun as well! Dont forget to spend time together and have some fun...just the two of you! Great journal! Keep it up. ~Shells (Day in the life os shelli P)