Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Well Well Well..... first let me explain my subject today.... yesterday I was enjoying myself playing on the puter, cropping pics I have taken so that I can upload them and share.... when I felt this sudden urge to go and lay down (I told myself it would only be for a short time) at least that is my usual pattern. Well I slept straight through from 8:30 last night to 9:30 this morning. I have NEVER slept that long in my life.... I guess my body decided that while I was in bed it would take advantage and let me stay there..... do not get me wrong... I woke up refreshed and all but unfortunately my joints are extremely swollen and hurt immensely... that is what happens when I do not take my medications on time.... Having my lungs destroyed is one thing and I am still coming to terms with that-but I cannot come to terms with the side effects and my body going through so much pain and so many changes on top of it. Anyway.... I thought I would sign on to my journal and lay a bit of inspiration on everyone BUT... come to discover that my counter has reset somehow... has anyone else come across this... I was up to 170 hits-I know that does not sound like much but it was alot for me. Well that can be frustrating. THANK GOD my children and independent enough and responsible enough that they took care of everything that needed tending to in the house and even took care of my lil nephew and got him to bed on time last night and to school on time this morning. Got him dressed and got his backpack ready and all. WOW my kids amaze me at times.... when I think they have not paid attention to how things should be and how to take care of things around the house.... they jump in when needed and no questions asked. I am blessed... I just do not say it enough. Well- I am hoping to upload some pics about my corner of the world... at least everyone can see what I am talking about when I go on rambling. Well I am off to do more cropping.   PEACE!!!!!

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