Friday, September 12, 2003


Finally the insanity of the week is over and now I do not have to worry about who to get up at what time for school or meetings or outings or anything. This weekend will be busy around here tho because our plumbing needs major overhauling. Some pipes broke under our house about two weeks ago and watered had built up under the house. As a result of the plumbing company coming out they say our drainage field is all wrong and the rest of the pipes are fixin' to go. So with no other choices left to us, this weekend they are coming to redo our plumbing and pipes and drainage field. If you are thinking that we are spending a pretty penny-you are right. It will set us back a great deal. But there is nothing we can do about it. I am finding out if it is not one thing in owning a house it is another. I am so stumped as to the amount of money poured into a house and how there are so many companies and organizations that have you over a barrel with owning it. But I can go on for hours about that-and that would only depress me so I am moving on to a brighter subject. My nephew came home with a big ol' smilie face that winks so he was a very happy camper and because he was happy so am I. He is such a great lil kid and I just cannot stand it when he has these lil pouting eyes. It breaks my heart. Also I am thrilled that the weekend is here because I get to watch football (YEA) so that will cheer me up regarding the amount of money going down the drain (big pun intended). I know I have not mentioned this yet but I absolutely love photography. I am a picture geek. I am always with my camera (a digital one) and will take pics of anything that catches my eye. So I am hoping to start displaying some pics soon of my digital world. I am finding that when you are sick and are stuck in the house for long periods of time-that when you have the opportunity to get out and see the real world again-you see it so differently. Things look brighter and the smells are so sweet. I know that may sound dramatic but it is the only way I can describe how it makes me feel. So I am hoping to show you all the beauty of the world through my eyes. At least what I perceive as beauty.... Well I have to work on my email-way too much for it to be interesting anymore.  PEACE!!!!!!

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