Monday, September 22, 2003


Well monday has come and gone and no major problems have arisen...Thank God. There was only one major project that had to be tackled and that was to do the brakes on my van. My son Eric got his driver's license in August (UGH!) and now he prefers to drive to high school rather than take the bus...I guess if I were 18 I would want to drive to school also. Growing up the high school was a short walk from our home so there was no way my parents would let me take the car to school. Well it has turned out okay so far because he is very willing to run errands and such and in turn he gets to go to the movies without having his parents drop him off and he gets to go places without waiting on mom and dad...I know that is important to the ego of an 18 year old boy. Well the brakes are now shot in my van...he knew that if he wanted to take my van to school he would have to fix the took him a couple of hours but my van now has new brakes..(YEAYEAYEA) The reason for the rose picture is because I needed to look at pure beauty right now...the weather is going crazy here in the sunshine state and plants are slowly withering this rose (that is in the front of my house) just looks so beautiful I had to share it with all of you...I think the pic came out great...I just love digital cameras. The lil one came home with another smilie face, so he got to go bike riding all afternoon and really tired himself out because he crashed by 8:30 tonight. His personality is really coming out and he is one of the funniest lil ones I have ever come has been such a joy in my life to have him around. It is awesome to see the world through his eyes and he is alot sharper then most people give him credit for-it amazes me. I have found being VERY upfront with him and telling him exactly how things are is for the best. Some parents like to shield their child with half truths and answering a question the long way around...but not with him... he knows when someone is bluffing in a way and it really aggravates him. I think that is one of the qualities I like most about him. Well I am glad monday is over and tomorrow is another day to have fun in... PEACE!!!!!  (P.S. enjoy the rose)

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pdojpo1980 said...

Dear Ellie, Just wanted to let you know that I really like your journal. Have only had time to read this entry but it is special because you speak from your heart. Congratulations on the number one spot! I just recently began my journal, not sure if anyone is reading it. But you are welcome to read it! It is "Journal of a Soul" and my address is God Bless You!