Thursday, September 11, 2003


A 911 Call to God 
As the World Trade Centers crumbled,
our lives were crumbling too,
So God, we're dialing 911 -
"We need to talk to you!"We tried to see your face today,
but God we could not see,
The smoke and fire engulfed us,
we screamed, "Who can this be?"
We're watching now with horror, God,
as thousands lose their lives,
At the hands of cold blooded killers,
using planes that fly our skies.
We're weeping, praying, crying God,
our faith in You now wanes,
Where were you God this morning?
Who piloted those planes?
We know you love America,
you've blessed us in many ways,
But God, this scene is so surreal,
the world is in a daze.
This Nation's "Under God" you know,
so will you please come near,
We need to feel your presence, Lord,
our lives are filled with fear.
We need your guidance now, Oh Lord,
we simply cannot cope,
This tragedy has ripped away,
our life, our love, our hope.
And God, these loved ones left behind,
need strength beyond compare,
Their lives are shattered, all is gone,
please show them that you care.
Please put your arms around them,
draw them close unto your breast,
Heal their wounds and mend their hearts,
hold them high above the rest.
As you summon Heaven's angels,
to prepare them for the day,
And you wait at Heaven's portal
for our loved ones on their way,
Will you please be sure to tell them
that their lives were not in vain,
That freedom's bells though silenced,
will surely ring again.
We know your heart is heavy too,
as you stand at Heaven's door,
And watch these deadly scenes unfold,
through hate we so deplore.
Though freedom's bells were silenced
for a moment on this date,
They will ring out loudly once again,
as love outweighs the hate.
Fran Maiers

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