Saturday, September 13, 2003


It is another humid day in the sunshine state. Lord the heat outside is not fit for anyone or anything. The plumbers have not arrived yet...go figure...are they ever on time? We had a bit of a scare today, one son was cleaning up some dishes and the water just stopped. About 5 minutes later it came on again but stopped soon after. So of course I have to find the hunnie so that he can check on it... The well is only 8 years old and if you have wells where you live you know that is still a new born as far as wells go. Well turns out that the system must have come across a pocket of air because hunnie got alot of air out (i forget what the technical term is) and now everything is back to normal. (THANK GOD) I just know that if we did not have bad luck we would have no luck at all. It is getting crazy and very expensive around here. Right now I am sitting watching college football and letting my birds (cuckatoos) get some exercise by flying around the room and investigating everything they want. I think they are probably one of the best gifts I ever got. The male Spike talks all the time-he does repeat alot of what he hears...pretty cool. The female just whistles alot-her name is Angel. Of course Spike is always wanting to 'hang' with Angel, but today it seems she has had enough of his big mouth. So he is just sitting on my shoulder chirping the same signals over and over again to her to see if she will pay attention. Meanwhile she is just walking around all over the puter desk chewing away at paper and whatever else I have laying around. Do not worry animal lovers out there- I am very careful about what they chew and put into their mouths-these are my lil babies. Spike DOES NOT like my hunnie at all. He has taken some nice bites out of him. On the other hand I can hold a conversation with the bird and pet him and have him on my shoulder for hours and he will just hang out and talk to me or chirp. is too hot outside to do anything-the humidity makes it difficult for anyone to breathe normally. So I think I am quite content with watching football and playing on my puter. All the kids are doing their own thing and hunnie is playing on his puter. So all is quiet on the homefront. Well I am off to tackle some more email- It is always email in my case.  PEACE!!!!!!!!!

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