Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Just Playing around today in paint shop pro and finishing up some odds and ends that I had to do. Still no sleep here...figures-I think I just have way too much on my mind to just relax-why I do not know. Everyone is home from school or wherever it is they had to go-so the house is full of hustle and bustle and the dogs are going crazy because they cannot go outside in the front yard and tackle the kids. I am trying to get ahead on my paperwork for homeschooling but the motivation is just not there right now. I guess I do not have the same discipline as my parents or siblings. They all seem to be well organized and just do what has to get done but that is just so not me. I guess I am the odd one in the bunch...I always had to be different. Anyway- The lil one (my nephew) came home with smilie faces today so I made sure one of the others kids took him out to go bike riding. That is his passion right now-he also had a smile from ear to ear because he knew he did well so how could I not make sure that he could go bike riding. One son is working on some car he got-a ford probe. I know nothing about cars-tho if you look at our yard you would think I would know alot but alas-my boys and my hunnie have this strange habit of wanting to work on as many cars as possible. Yes we are the neighbors you do not want. There are always strange noises coming from our garage and cars are our middle names...scary isn't it. But I cannot stop them really because I indulge in so many passions of my own that I really have no place to say they can play with their passions. Tho I am waiting for my hunnie to get done working on the motorcycle so that we can go riding. We love leaving in the late hours (when it is cooler) and just ride all night long everywhere. Then we watch the sunrise and it is off to home to get the household ready for another day-AWWW that is what I am waiting for. Well- I am off to check on the kids--PEACE!!!!!!

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