Sunday, September 14, 2003


What a quiet day today has been. I have not slept well-only about 90 minutes in total. Too restless, still too upset over losing a friend, and just feeling kind of quiet and pensive. The plumbers never arrived- at about 3 this afternoon, we finally received a call, the parts needed for our pipes and drainage field did not come in, so the work has been delayed for another week. Lord- it figures, just another disappointment. You really do not think about pipes until you no longer have use for most of them. I think I will just vegetate the rest of the day-really not feeling up to par and really feel empty as what to say today. Usually the topics are just swirling in my head and I always have to make a choice-but not today. Just overthinking today. (which is not always good). Even the kids are extra quiet and calm...interesting. On with the football games and off to lay back on the recliner.  PEACE!!!!!!

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