Tuesday, September 9, 2003


Finally monday is over ..... not because it was a bad day because it seemed that it was never going to end.  First I could not let my nephew go to school this morning because he has been fighting a cold and it seemed to have come to a head today so I kept him home to pump him full of medicine so that he can make it through the rest of the week at school. Then the boys have argued all night long about nothing. I still hear the voices ringing in my head screaming at each other yet I cannot make any sense out of it all. Then we had to make a fast dash over getting some laundry done because everyone in the house just realized all at the same time that no one has any clean clothes to wear tomorrow. Then dinner seemed to be a major project to get made-unbelieveable. Just to add a bit more chaos to my day-one of my big dogs climbed unto my kitchen table to grab at something she thought had food in it and dragged the entire tablecloth down along with whatever was sitting on it. Well several glass bowls were sitting on it so needless to say another dog came along and stepped on the glass and started bleeding from one of his front paws. I wrestled with this dog for over an hour to see if any glass was still inside his paw but I lost the battle- actually it was more like self-perservation because I really wanted to keep my ten fingers that are attached to my two hands that are attached to my two arms.... that dog simply wanted to remove them.......sheeeeezzzz. Well sure enough the paw is fine and I was worried for nothing and the dog is now looking at me funny. Then this is the second time that I have tried to write this entry...it seems aol has decided to delete my entry and not let it load up-so I hope this one goes through. Then because the boys were arguing they decided to snitch each other out and fill me in on the secret dirt they each have been doing behind my back-unfortunately I already knew about that dirt so there was no new news-ugh!!! Not even snitching paid off yesterday. Then I had to start a medication again for my cough because it has gotten far worse- and it knocks me out. I have been walking around in zombie land all day-and if I tried to fall asleep one of the kids would wake me up with a personal crisis that I just had to solve at that very second. Well Tuesday has just got to be better- PEACE!!!!!!

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