Thursday, September 11, 2003


All of my family and friends have contributed to my collection-it is absolutely awesome. I am totally hooked on Angels. The online newsletter that I write with inspirational pieces is called ANGELSTOUCH. Well my fascination with Angels has not died down but I wanted to get into things that were very different. So I started collecting business cards-yes you read that right business cards. It is probably one of the most inexpensive hobbies you can have yet really interesting. There is even an official group of collectors that I belong to. Click here for the Main Site. It would amaze you how many people are really into it. Well my collection is around 2,000 business cards. I have them in huge binders and each card is in a protective sleeve. Some collectors are picky in what they collect in cards, I am what is called a general collector- any and all cards make me happy. Of course if I receive cards that have Angels on them- that is a double bonus for me. I also started collecting postcards with my daughter. She has to be involved in some sort of organization or club and research all about it and be an active member of it. Well she went from this handful of postcards that she had from a cruise trip she took to just about 100 cards in 6 weeks. So the collection is growing wonderfully. Now when I met my honey he thought collecting was GREAT.... and is also a pack rat- and he loves to go to yards sales and stuff- So he decided he was going to collect shot glasses. Now this comes from a man that does not drink. So his collection has grown by leaps and bounds. He really does have some beautiful glasses. He also collects M&M things, so he has taken on my collection and added to it and now claims it is all his. That collection also has some great pieces in it. Very unique. We pretty much do that one together. Okay- one more collection I have yet to mention is my collection of playing cards. Yes another strange one. I collect any and all kinds of playing cards. Some come in some gorgeous tins, and fantastic boxes and such- now that collection is huge.They are so cool to look at. Well I guess that I should leave it at that- more tomorrow- PEACE!!!!

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