Thursday, September 18, 2003


Another night gone and nothing accomplished. At around 8:30 last night I tried to sign on to AOL like I  always do however this time was a bit different... I could not connect... nope...silly me followed all the lovely directions you get when there is a problem and nothing helped. I tried for over two hours to get on... then my computer savvy son came home from wherever it was he took off to-so I told him that there has to be some wire/cable that has come loose from the puter... I tried to reset, reconnect, redo cables and lines... drove myself into frustration frenzy, and then gave into that lil voice in the back of my head that said call AOL. Lord I hate calling AOL.... first you have to deal with a voice recording for the first 15 minutes...before you find the right extension you are suppose to press... then i waited another 15-20 minutes before someone (an actual human) came on line and helped me... I could not believe there was a real person-I thought it was a voice recording well I explained my problem but off course I had to answer 5 minutes of questions about my system and identifying information and version of AOL.... and after all this (now it has been about 3 hours of dealing with not being able to get online) I am told that AOL is off line from Connecticut all the way down the east coast to central east florida (of course where I live). So I screwed with my system for nothing. I was told something about how the lines are being kept clear because of the hurricane that is going to hit the Carolinas. I guess they wanted to keep the lines ready for emergency purposes... I think the tech person was guessing as much as I was... but it made sense.... I would not mind really but I don't like playing around with my system because the error message said it had to be my fault-when other friends of mine in florida in my area also had the same problem-it can't all be our systems...Well I am thrilled to be back online and now I can go through the 700 emails sitting in my box and figure out what to do with them-yes I know there is a delete button but I belong to lists and if I did not want their mail why would I be on their lists--this just means I will be online for quite sometime. We will see what the rest of the day brings....PEACE!!!!!

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