Thursday, September 11, 2003


Have I told you lately that I am QUEEN of the pack rats? Yes I admit it and I am proud of it. Actually I have become this major pack rat because I just love collecting things. Some people have collections of one maybe two particular things that they really concentrate on.... No not me, I collect alot of things all the time because they are there. That is major complicated explanations-I like it and I want alot of it. No it is not because I want to be spoiled or that I am spoiled but I just enjoy doing things because I have the opportunity to do it now. Okay-my mom started me collecting when I was a kid-it was dolls from all over the world. I still have those in a storage box at my parents house for my daughter. Beautiful, elegant looking dolls. Of course in my mother's house it was do not touch just look. Very frustrating for a child. Then I moved onto bells. All kinds of bells. I think I must have had about 1,500 bells but unfortunately they were lost in a fire. Then I just did not have the nerve to start over with the bells again-it broke my heart to lose all of them. So I picked on something different. Which was gorillas. Of course stuffed, but lots and lots of gorillas and monkeys and such, some talk, some sing, some dance, some are wearing cool clothes, lots of different colors-primates. Then that was not enough for me. I started collecting teapots. Now that was interesting. I really enjoy that collection and have some very unique pieces. It is not a large collection but it is very unique and different. Well I wanted to collect other things too- I started onto M&M's (mostly dispensers that were like bubble gum machines). Then moved on to my major collection of Angels. LOTS and LOTS of angels. I am totally fascinated by Angels and all that they stand for and the history behind them and so on. I must have about 500 Angels...of course it entails, paintings, posters, statues, jewelry, pins, buttons, magnets, you name it-I got it. It is probably my biggest passion. I even have a webpage dedicated to angels.JIBS ANGELS. (continue to part two above)

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