Wednesday, September 24, 2003


I say that tuesday was a bust because absolutely nothing happened that inspired me to write about it. Just another regular day in the neighborhood. I am sure I have mentioned it before but I am going to mention it again because some good news has arrived in that particular area of my life. I love collecting-collecting alot of things. I just seem to fall in love with something and must have as many about it as possible. I think that makes me an obsessive pack rat. But that is okay, I am quite proud of that title. Well as I have mentioned before I collect business cards, among many other things..I enjoy collecting business cards because it really is a cheap hobby to have. As you go to places you just picked up a business card and add it to your collection. The only thing you have to pay for are the sleeve protectors to put them in for display and a binder to organize those sleeve protectors. I even belong to an official Business Card Collectors is a wonderful group..we trade business cards and such and share information about unique cards that we come across. My collection is quite small compared to the majority of members but I am happy with my collection. I am what is referred to a general collector because I really have nothing specific that I look for as far as BC cards are concerned. But that is just a personal preference. Well the point of my lil story is that my hunnie met some really cool people from England through a email group he belongs to.... through conversations with them he happened to mention that I collect BC's... he explained my small obsession and they thought that it was quite unique and different. Well they took it one step further and told a friend of theirs that owns a pub (bar) in England and she now has a box on her bar for people to place their business cards in and it is labeled for "An American Collector" yep that is me. Is that so very sweet of them. They also went another step further and have bought a BC album which is decorated with the flag of England to put them all in so that when they have enough cards to fill it they are going to send it to me. WOW!!! I am so touched by their just blows me away...People really surprise the daylights out of me. I think it is awesome of them and I am thrilled beyond simple words. I just thought I would share that bit of good news with you all..... PEACE!!!!!!

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dakotarose2852 said...

You have a great journal! I'm an avid collector, too. My problem is I see something and I want to collect it. Now, business cards...hmm, that sounds appealing!