Sunday, September 21, 2003


Finally the plumbers arrived yesterday to redo our drainage field and the pipes leading to our house. To start off this adventure the dump trucks showed up with piles and piles of different kinds of dirt...yes left it right in our front yard..lovely site to behold. To make matters a bit more aggravating they ran over our crepe myrtle plants-we waiting two years for those plants to bloom and they were gone in a second. Also the trucks got stuck in our that was totally torn more nice looking ditch that was professionally done by the county for us...UGH! Then the plumbers arrived early to start digging the new drainage field next to the old one... did I mention yet that the tractor/ditch digger was toooooo heavy for that part of the yard so it tore it beyond recognition. So all the vechicles that are sitting in our yard had to moved in a mad dash so that the tractor could enter the property from the other end. Well the tractor was tooooo heavy period. Our backyard now looks like a mud bogging field...I do not think there is one stray piece of grass left standing. Three quarters of an acre of a backyard pure dirt and mud...what a lovely site to see....NOT! Well they spent 8 hours redoing it all....300 gallon tanks being brought in and more pipes then there are in a hardware store. Total insanity. Of course now imagine that my 5 dogs are losing their minds because strangers are in our yard and they cannot go outside. Thank God for heavy duty Glass on the sliding glass doors... they were the only things between raging dogs and the very nice messy men. No of course they are not done yet- later today they are bringing a different tractor that is not so heavy to smooth out everything and connect the pipes. This also will take place very early in the morning. I just want my bathroom back... my room looks like a cyclone hit it with the kids going back and forth...of course we have a huge bed in our bedroom and our room is ultra cold from the AC so all the kids just had to lay in our bed and watch movies and hang out...nothing new just added to the chaos tho. We will see what the rest of sunday brings. To make matters abit more interesting it is suppose to rain---oh yea mud fields here we come.   PEACE!!!!!

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