Tuesday, September 9, 2003


Here I am still hanging out on the puter...sleep never arrived so I thought I would update my journal by finally adding pics. That way everyone gets the chance to see inside my Crazy Life. These pics are just a small sample of the zoo that lives in my house. Of course they are all true blue family members but chaotic none the less. All the critters are spoiled rotten, it is the only way to be.... but God help anyone who tries to come to our front door or walk past our house on the street-the dogs alone make their prescence known. I could tell you some wild stories about how people have reacted to our zoo but I don't know if the stories should be read by those with weak hearts...LOL Okay you all convinced me- just one quickie- we ordered pizza one night to be delivered...and finally when the delivery guy finally arrived he ran the door bell and Ginger (who is a very large Rottie) jumped on the glass partition next to the door that is just about the entire length of the door. Well when she jumped on the glass it bowed outwards and the delivery guy jumped a good three feet off the ground and backwards... the pizzas went flying (4 of them) and landed in the flower bed. Needless to say the pizza was ruined and that delivery guy has never returned. To this day when the same pizza place has to deliver to our house they stay in their car and just beeped the horn. I felt bad for the delivery guy but the dogs jumping on that glass partition/window has given a whole new meaning to house alarms....LOL More pics on the way........ PEACE!!!!!!

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