Saturday, September 6, 2003


This weekend seems to be flying by and I am missing it. The kids have their own "things" they do, so I guess that is why it seems that either time moves too slow or too fast. In a way I am so glad that they are all so independent because with my illness there is no way that I can be useful all the time to them or keep up with them. So I suppose this is a blessing. It is interesting to just sit back and watch your children in action and see what decisions they make, whether bad or good and to learn and grow from them. It is hard to not jump in there and tell them how to run their lives because you know that something is going to be a mistake- I guess they have to learn that themselves. But it fascinates me when I hear them talking to their friends or co-workers or whatever and my words and philosophy comes pouring out of their mouths. WOW-they were actually listening to me. That is grand! I take it as a compliment. Well just to fill everyone in on my football team... the Gators lost- broke my heart... but they were leading Miami almost the entire game...they just could not hold on to it. I think they will still move up in rankings because Miami was not suppose to play like they did and the Gators were not suppose to get so many points. Awww-there is always next week's game. I know I will be on my puter tomorrow, the weather report says that the majority of rain has passed us by so we are safe from storms. Well on with Puter Fun...PEACE!!!!!!

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