Tuesday, September 2, 2003


You know what I find interesting...? School started here at the beginning of August and they have already sent home fund raising things to buy to support whatever it is that month. However-we have a state lottery that claims that millions have gone into education and I have yet to see that. I have already recieved fund raising for the highschool yearboook,The football team,School Spirit,The PTA... I mean this is crazy and school has only been in for 3 weeks..... by the way-the football team had three different fund raising things at one time. They must think that the parents grow their money on trees and we have so much that we want to just give it away to the school-and we also had to buy approximately $50-$100 per child for school supplies and that does not include clothes. That is just for items that the school district cut from their budgets so it gets piled onto the parents. I truly see a problem with all of this. Is it just me or what? I just do not remember school costing so much when I was growing up...but if you ask my kids that was ancient history. Now you must remember that we also have to pay for all school trips now... that fund was also cut from the budget. One trip for one child last year cost me over $50 just for the ticket. I know I am whinning and complaining but I have no idea what the school district is thinking about. Where is that lottery money going? Well I wanted to put in my two cents worth about the school system-not that it will do any good but makes me feel better having said it all. I will probably sign on later to add another two cents-right now I really have to lay down and get some rest. PEACE!!!!

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