Saturday, September 13, 2003


I have had many friends in my lifetime..... wonderful people who have touched my life in many ways-too numerous to even explain. Then this wonderful invention of the internet comes along and it opens up a whole new world of discovery for me. I find that I make even more wonderful friends but this relationship is different. You become friends simply by expressing yourself in words. Not deeds, not looks, not "doing" things together but just simply by words. You share things online through words that cannot compare with anything else. An emotional bond starts and is nourished and grows until you truly feel that this person is REALLY my friend. I have belonged to so many groups-but one in particular that I have been with the longest is "Angels In Disguise" A couple of dozen women who had a chat room in common and true friendships have come out of. I have been with this group for over 5 years maybe a bit more. We share everything. There is no "leader" per se. No Rules to be involved. Just wonderful woman (and a couple of men) that have met and have become "FRIENDS". WE tell each other good news, bad news, confusing news, we are each other's shoulder to lean on, we have watched each other's children (and grandchildren) grow and go through changes. We have been there through marriages, divorces, disasters, just you name it we have been through it as a group. It is constant and comfortable. A true family online. Well we have had one member that has shown us true bravery and strength and courage through her life. Her name is Lynda. Lynda has been battling cancer for quite some time, not months, years. Her positive attitude and fighting determination has TRULY been an inspiration to us all. I for one was always totally amazed how this remarkable woman would start another bout of chemo then jump right back to work without a second thought. She refused to let the enemy win. Well today with GREAT sadness her husband wrote to the group and informed us that Lynda lost the battle today at 4:30pm California time. My eyes could not focus on anything but what his words said. I am left with such an empty feeling because that pillar of strength is gone. The picture above I have found to be appropriate in honor of Lynda- for she is now a TRUE ANGEL watching over the rest of us. PEACE LYNDA!!!!

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