Thursday, September 11, 2003


I am very thankful that today is just about over with. The humidity has been outrageous outside... and once you are in that heat airconditioning does not seem to be cold enough for you. My lil pond area got all fixed up-thanks to my sons... so it actually looks like it is getting back to normal.... Today my nephew came home from school with a smirk face for behavior. Now yesterday he came home with the same thing, I let it go I figured he was not listening all the time to the teacher. He is on this "behavior" chart of smilies and sad faces so that we can keep track of his behavior in school. He seems to have a problem with throwing things and getting very angry out of the blue. Not a good thing for a 5 year old. Well this was going great until the smirk face yesterday-what is that suppose to mean? Well today the same thing. I called the teacher and her response was that he did not do his morning work in reading. Now first- how am I suppose to get that from a smirk face and two-this is a behavior chart not a school work chart. I have such a problem with that. Am I wrong? Am I looking at this the wrong way? The child is in Kindergarden. There is no way you can tell me that he would understand me correcting him at almost 4pm when this lack of work occurred at 9 am. I really think the teacher now sees that I can correct the behavior part of the kid so now she wants me to do all her work. I am finding in this state-that the teachers are doing less and less and more pressure is being put on the parents to make sure the child finishes what the teacher could not because she has over 20 children in her classroom and has no time for individual attention. I have such a problem with the education system and I just am stuck as to what to do about it. Well I guess I could be wrong but working with children for over 20 years I think I know what I am talking about. Anyway... that just let the air out of my balloon this afternoon. Other then that...I finally got a chance to work on some pics and some webpages for my daughter. So at least I feel like I got something accomplished. Tomorrow we have to run errands (pay bills and things like that) so I am going to enjoy my puter time tonight. I am going to be stuck out in that heat all day-UGH. At least I have my football to watch tonight. PEACE!!!

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