Saturday, September 6, 2003


WOW- This past week has really flown by and has gotten away from me. For the last two days we have been watching the news to see what was going on with the weather because Tropical Storm Henri was knocking on our doors... We really were not so worried about it just too much rain and our front yard and road flood and it seems to take forever to dry out. I guess that is what happens when you live in a rural area. Of course football season has started and I am glued to the philosophy is you can never watched enough football. Last night we went out to dinner at a steakhouse (Lord that was delicious) and then went grocery shopping at the walmart superstore... I really need to buy stock in Walmart-we definitely spend enough there. Anyway, we saw this display rack with FS AND UF hats on it. (Florida State University and University of Florida) So each of got to choose which hat we wanted to wear for this season. Yes I know sounds like a waste of money but football is something we watch and talk about and relate as a family. It is like a mini rivalry going on and we all enjoy it, plus bragging rights are wonderful. So Allen is a BIG seminole fan (FSU) and Me I am a HUGE gator fan (UF) so of course we knew what hat we were going to choose. Now the true test...what hats are the kids going to choose. One son chose FSU, One chose UF and the daugher and nephew chose UF...again the Gators reign at our house. It really is fun to have something so simple to make a family adventure out of. I highly recommend it. Well we went shopping around and of course I come across Gators paraphernalia. All kinds of things like stationary, notebooks, binders, photo albums, etc... so of course I had to pick up a few things...LOL but the best thing was that I found a huge Gator foam head hat.... I love it... and I found a Seminole foam head hat so of course I got one for me and one for Allen... we wore them all last night. It was great... we laughed and the kids did too and the rivalry was a blast.  Have I mentioned yet that I bought my own domain.  I am slowly building it but if you would like to see a sample of things to come here is the link Just Say It the site address will be changing because my domain name is AngelDesignz.... but for now that is just a sample of things to come. Well I am off to create and watch more football.... PEACE!!!

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