Saturday, September 27, 2003


Yesterday was quite an eye opener for me. I was so honored to be chosen as the editor's #1 pick and thrilled that so many people checked out my journal...after all it is here for anyone to look at and walk away with something. I was not ready to receive some WONDERFUL touching emails from people that actually told me that my journal meant so much to them, or that my journal really touched them so much that it inspired them to start a journal of their own. WOWOW!!! That is probably the highest compliment I could have ever received. Imagine-my simple no nothing journal that I just get to say what is on my mind and how I feel about things and my perspective on life actually inspires another human being. I have always believed in the philosophy that one person can make a difference. I used to teach youthful offenders that were in the state prison that they had the ability to change the world around them...that it only takes one person...and sure enough my own philosophy has come back to me to prove me right. It is so surreal for me-and simple words just cannot explain the feeling that words-just my words-can make others feel inspired enough to do something positive. That is so AWESOME. I printed out those emails to save in my scrapbook just so I know that my life is worth something. I think every once in a while everyone needs to feel that way-that we make a difference to the people around us whether or not we know them. As crazy as it may seem this journal really has brought a new meaning to my life-a new purpose of sorts that I plan on cherishing. I know that may sound mellow-dramatic but like I said simple words really cannot describe that feeling. Keeping this journal and creating things in my paint shop pro program are such stress relievers and I think worth every second spent on them. I love to create and make sig tags and such for others-because it makes them feel good and special. So now my journal does too- that is tremendous in my world. Well just wanted to share that tidbit with everyone..I hope you truly know that YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE- with words you say, things you do, comments you write, well you get the idea....PEACE!!!!!

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