Sunday, September 7, 2003


Of course sundays are perfect now because I get to watch football...I am so hooked I just do not know what to do. I have been doing a little exploring about different journals/blogs on AOL and first I want to explain that we are only allowed 2,500 characters-so that comes out to about 400 words. So If you see me type Part One Part Two know that there is one or more entries for one given topic or entry sort of speak. I guess that is the only pitfall I can see using these journals. Now... while I am watching football, my son Eric received a phone call. He has been going to the movies at the new mall near us with a girl from school and her friends...things have been casual. Well this past friday they were not in touch with each other. Until today when she called him from the hospital. Yes this cute lil girl that I know has a crush on him said that her bladder has "burst" and since she is stuck there she wanted him to go visit. Awwww now isn't that cute. Of course he was off and running, who am I kidding. Another son is sleeping since he worked the night shift. The daughter and the nephew are playing on a playstation boxing each other. So I am sitting by myself cheering on teams and playing on the puter...what a strange house I live in. I spent about 2 hours trying to figure out how to use my scanner... it is part of an all in one that is also a copier and printer and fax machine... I can use everything else but the scanner still has me stumped. I really should find the user manual-I suppose that would help...LOL Well I am going to go cheer some more and see what happens. PEACE!!!!!!!!

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