Saturday, September 20, 2003

TOES GO IN FIRST-PART TWO continue on..I believe that your house has to be geared towards your kids..there is plenty of time after your children are grown up and out on their own to worry about how good your house looks and how precious your 'things' are. My belief is that people have become more concerned with things then people..remember this is just my belief. Again- I am not my mother so I like to have dishes that are hard plastics and colorful-not glass or pottery that if broken it just irks you that you do not have the perfect set again. The bedrooms should be decorated in the child's eye, what they perceive to be cool and fun and something that they really want to play in and sleep in and have friends over in. When I was growing up I had this awesome and beautiful doll collection. Dolls from all over the world that my parents had collected for me while I was growing up..the secret was I was not allowed to touch or play with them. They were there on special shelves in my room just for the what kind of fun is that? I refused to do that to my daughter-if it is in her room it was fair game. That is what 'toys' are for. To be played with and handled and enjoyed. One of the biggest secrets we have going with our kids is we have a family dance...yes you read that right-a family dance. The tune is "Can't Touch This" (by MC Hammer). The point is everytime someone came home with good news, exciting news,fun news...we all went outside in the middle of the street and danced to that song....we would hum it loud and danced...our neighbors do not pay attention-and if they have-they think we are not your ordinary family anyway. We have done this ever since our kids were young and still do it to this kids have no inhibitions about this and it has gotten to the point that they come home with good news and announce when they come home that everyone needs to go outside to do the family dance. How awesome is that? Just celebrating life. Also since they were very young- I have always written lil notes and have snuck them inside their lunch bags or back packs (whatever) just to tell them something for the day-like "I love you", "You are the world's greatest Kid", "can't wait to see you after school", "I'm sending Big Kisses Your way", whatever it is I felt like writing. These notes, if you ask my kids meant the world to them. (Onto Part Three)

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