Wednesday, September 17, 2003


Another morning has arrived and another night of sleep has eluded me... I could not get into that REM sleep...every 30 minutes I was up and only became more frustrated that I could not sleep-vicious cycle. Well my creative juices are not flowing yet- I seem not to be able to get in the flow of things...but hopefully something will kick in soon. The big news lately has been the weather...I guess that hurricane looks like it wants to check out the the wonderful Florida coast is fairly safe...That is a slight relief for us-but I worry about the people further north. All last night and today it has been raining here, I guess we needed the rain but it just makes it miserable to look outside-rain seems to change people's moods.I personally am not a rain person- I prefer the fall type of sunny days-where it is nice and cool outside and the sun is shinning-now that I could live with 24/7. I do have one complaint today-it seems that once I get rolling with a thought for my journal I am highly limited by AOL and how many total characters I can have. This is putting a bit of a crimp in my style. I hear threw the grapevine that this might be changing in the near future-i hope so- I think people will start really going crazy expressing themselves and AOL will be surprised at how hot this journal thing is. Expressing oneself can never be limited to so many set characters- it must be allowed to flow and stop when the thought/idea/moment decides to come and go. IF you are reading this-PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT- I would love to hear what others have to say.... PEACE!!!!!!!!


clarity4today said...

Oh, yes, I hate the character limit also! LOL I read your journal, and I find it reassuring that I am not the only one wishing people would comment. I have a lot of lurkers on mine, but few comments. But, now that you are on the front page, you shouldn't have much trouble getting comments. :-)

clarity4today said...

OH, additional comment, hopefully without the plus signs that sometimes appear. I hope you'll visit my journal sometime at

merrbear1992 said...

haha you had a kidney diease