Monday, September 15, 2003


I have been up for a couple of hours now.... just could not sleep soundly-tossing and turning is not my idea of a good night's rest. So I have been online trying to get through way too much email and enjoying the quiet and peacefullness of the house. Even the dogs are just laying around being mellow. I have alot of paperwork to do to get my homeschooling things in order. I have definitely been laxed in that area. The kids are doing their work-it is me who is unorganized. Another project I really have to work on is my scrapbooking. I know this is a big fad but I found it to be really expensive after a while.... and it was definitely too much for me to keep using regular film and cutting up pics my parents have kept for the 50 something years they have been together. So I scanned all the pics my family would let me get my grubby lil hands on and found a program that you can do scrapbooking on the puter. It is absolutely wonderful and the albums I have already done in the past as gifts were a hit...I highly recommend doing scrapbooks this way....less mess, less expensive, and it goes so much more quicker. Anyway-did I mention that the kids cleaned up the front and back yards and cut the grass and now it also looks wonderful. The picture above is my lil pond garden that my children made me two years ago for mother's day. It is so nice to look at and the goldfish that live in it love it too. People in the neighborhood have stopped by to check it out- it is a great conversation Well I am off to get somewhat organized-PEACE!!!!!

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