Friday, September 19, 2003

T.G.I.F. (Toes Go In First)

Okay-I am abit more ready to divulge abit more of myself...I have led a colorful and eventful life to say the least. When friends and co-workers, neighbors, even family hear of things that occur in my life they have a habit of trying to get me to write a book or books on different subjects of what I have gone through...I am still going to keep you all in some suspense but If I had to start on a book-and I have seriously thought about this one for a long time-it would be about raising children. No I do not claim to be an expert in any way, shape, or form. Far from it. But my way of raising children has caught many people off guard and believe it or not they are truly amazed at things that we do and how they have worked. It is not difficult to do the things we have done-nor does it take alot of effort-just a joy for life and your kids. I figured every once in a while I would throw in my lil quips and stories about my kids and what we do in our house to make it a home. Let me start by saying I am not my mother. Do not get me wrong-Lord I love my parents-they are still around and kicking at the young age of 80. They are people who do all they could for the children and raised us to be independent and go for the gusto. Our family trips and get togethers and family outings, dinners, movies, shopping sprees, everything was always centered around giving their kids the best that they could.For that and their unending support- I will always admire and be thankful for. My mom is also a NEAT freak...I am not. I am a firm believer that a crazy house is a creative house-and that definitely describes my house. I did not want furniture that my children could not cuddle up on and enjoy and have friends sit on and so on- I remember that from growing up and always thought then what was the point of having furniture. I wanted my children to be able to do crafts on my kitchen table instead of just using it for meals and only for meals- isn't that what tables are for. We have two bathrooms in my that is in the masterbedroom and one for the kids. The one for the kids is the main bathroom for guests also...but that bathroom is not all prim and proper with special towels and no no it is a bathroom decorated by kids with murals and cartoons and fun things to check out...I am probably running out of space here so I will continue this lil lecture a lil later on....PEACE!!!!

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