Thursday, September 11, 2003


I am feeling abit nostalgic this morning.... the picture is one scenic view from my hometown in New York looking out to the Hudson River...I was raised in Croton on the Hudson. Today for some reason it has been on my mind. I do miss the small town feeling that was very united. When I moved away from New York, my town still only had one traffic light-in the middle of town. But I absolutely love the closeness. Anyway...enough looking back I just wanted to share a pic of my hometown. It just feels good to look at it. All is quiet on the homefront are at school, hunnie came home from work, the zoo is sleeping and finally I have peace and quiet to play on the puter. I am abit tired today and achie but I guess that is par for the course...tho it is getting old. I am hoping that a creative shock will hit me and I can get some really nice tags and such going for my groups. More on them later. Well I definitely need a cup of coffee so I am off and running- PEACE!!

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